IFG Integration Days 2018

När: måndag, 5 november 2018 - tisdag, 6 november 2018 | Var: SCCC, Stockholm City Conference Centre (Folkets Hus), Banhusgatan 14-16

  • SAPSA and the International Focus Group for Integration invites worldwide members to International Integration Days 2018

    This year the event will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on 5-6/11-2018 during SAPSA IMPULS as a separate integration track.

    This is an excellent opportunity to deep-dive and listen to interesting presentations within the integration area. As a big plus, you will be able to meet and mingle with a lot of integration people and build new contacts from around the world.

    Located in the city center, only 5 minutes walk from Arlanda Express that departs every 10-15 minutes and takes 20 minutes between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.

    IFG for Integration

    IFG for Integration is a collaboration between worldwide user groups where focus group/special interest group leaders collaborate between the countries, SAP Mentors and SAP product management.

    Find more information about the IFG here:

    The schedule is being built right now and we will publish confirmed sessions on this website. You will find the schedule below.

    You can have an insight into the current worked on the schedule here:
    Note this file is a work in progress and we can not guarantee anything until it’s published here on the site.

    • All session are normally 20 minutes, followed by a 20 minutes break where its open to discuss or network around the topic.
    • Hands-on sessions will be normally 60 minutes, followed by a 20 minutes break.
    • Day 1 will be more focused on deep dives sessions and day 2 will be more general presentations

    The Integration Day is a non-profit event, but we need to cover the cost for the venue (coffee, lunch, room etc…).

    Registration is made below and payment is made by credit card online.

    SAPSA member register through Impuls 2018 event.


    There are many hotels in the nearby area at different price ranges.
    SAPSA is discussing a group reservation at Hotel With Urban Deli. We will present more information when that is ready.
    If you already would like to book a room, you can use the code IMBACK18 to get 15% off

    Other hotels nearby:
    Clarion Sign
    Scandic Upplandsgatan
    Hotel Hellsten

    (Please contact SAPSA, Integration Focusgrop Lead: pontus.borgstrom@sapsa.se, if you want to become a sponsor of the event)

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  • Pris

    90 €

    SAP Usergroup member or SAP Mentor:
    Attends day 1 (Monday)

    55 €

    SAP Usergroup member or SAP Mentor:
    Participate at dinner? (Monday evning)

    100 €

    SAP Usergroup member or SAP Mentor:
    Attends day 2 (Tuesday)

    500 €

    Non SAP Usergroup member
    Attends day 1 (Monday)

    110 €

    Non SAP Usergroup member
    Participate at dinner? (Monday evning)

    500 €

    Non SAP Usergroup member
    Attends day 2 (Tuesday)

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Monday 5 November
Tuesday 6 November
Room: IFG Cloud or IFG On-Premise
Focus on development topics with hands-on sessions in different areas.

* IoT Integrations: Hands-On sessions
* SAP Cloud Platform Integration: Hands-On sessions
* SAP Process Orchestration tech shows
* ... more developer and hands-on sessions with SAP and Rojo
* Intended Keynote of XXX

Room: IFG Cloud or IFG On-Premise
Focus on integration topics with presentation sessions in different areas.

* SAP Keynote from SAPSA Impuls
* Usergroup presentations
* Customer usecases
* SAP Roadmap of Process Orcestration
* SAP Roadmaps of SAP Cloud Platform Integration
* Integration Architecture
* SCPI hands-on sessions powered by Rojo

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Stockholm City Conference Centre (Folkets Hus), Banhusgatan 14-16, Stockholm