GDPR Focus Day

När: torsdag, 31 maj 2018 | Var: Scandic Victoria Tower Kista, Arne Beurlings Torg 3, Kista

  • Stop fruitless GDPR top down discussions and learn the practical truth on GDPR in SAP!

    SAPSA is happy to host Volker Lehnert and his team from SAP Walldorf, who have run this workshop for more than 700 customers and partners in Germany.

    The GDPR Focus Day is not the next generic discussion on what might happen, or another Road Show telling you to purchase a GDPR miracle solution. This day is about what you need to achieve compliance in your SAP System landscape. SAP offers a lot features allowing to achieve compliance without additional licenses. To introduce these features and explain a logical project approach which is based in the reality of your systems is aim of the day. In addition, this day provides GDPR related information on SAP’s cloud products and introduces which additional SAP solutions will help to reduce your GDPR TCO.

    The day is suitable for Data Protection Specialist, Compliance Specialists, Business Users, LoB decider, LoB architects, Consultants, System Administrators and Security Specialists.

    The workshop will be held in English.

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torsdag, 31 maj 2018
Registration & Breakfast

Åsa Jonsson SAPSA

Staffan Strand

Legal Introduction of GDPR

- Short background of the GDPR
- The principles of processing Personal Data (purpose limitation, storage limitation, etc.)
- The data Subjects' rights
- Privacy by Design/Default
- Data Breach

Jessica Hallvede Risk Managment Consultant

Functions and Features in SAP System landscape

This session you will learn about basic functions and features in SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite how SAP customers can use features to reach GDPR.

The simple mission is: start using Data Protection functionality delivered in the software and in the license.

Volker Lehnert Senior Director Data Protection

Simplified Blocking and Deletion in SAP System landscape

A session guiding you directly into the challenge why, but even more important when to delete personal data, block it or if is only relevant for retention.

You will learn how all this can be achieved by using SAP ILM Retention management and the concept of simplified blocking and deletion.

Volker Lehnert Senior Director Data Protection

Trygghetsrådet's experiences of preparing for GDPR

TRR has made a GDPR analysis in SAP, which gave answers on what kind of personal data exists in the systems and which activities that need to be started in order to be compliant.

The analysis also covered six different technical measures where Subject access report, Logging and Block and deletion are in focus for this presentation. The experience and overall output is presented which include recommendations on how to continue to be GDPR compliant in SAP.

Thomas Bladh

Project Approach

This session takes you through the project approach for GDPR implementation activities in a running system environment. You will get to know which steps are to be considered and which sequence is logical.

Ksenia Tretjakova Security Consultant

How SAP Offerings in the Cloud (Ariba, Hybris, SF) meet GDPR

Learn how SAP Cloud Offerings are protected and what they are offering to achieve compliance. This session goes through different Cloud Solutions.

Markus Roeder Senior Manager, Data Protection and Privacy

Project Experience

This session will reflect on what approach to take and what considerations to make when addressing GDPR in the SAP space.

Henrik Hofling Project Manager

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Scandic Victoria Tower Kista, Arne Beurlings Torg 3, Kista, Stockholm