Inköp fokusgruppsmöte VAT in Ariba

När: fredag, 6 mars 2020 | Var: Webinar

  • Fredag 6 mars kl. 11:30-12:30.

    SAPSA:s Inköp fokusgrupp bjuder in nya och gamla medlemmar till ett webinar med Vertex.

    Real time VAT validation on invoices within SAP Ariba – enhancing accuracy and compliance

    Recording the treatment of VAT on incoming invoices is an integral part of an AP process. It is critical that VAT charges on all incoming invoices are properly verified and evaluated for VAT deduction and reporting.

    Join the webinar to find out how Vertex can reduce your VAT risk in SAP Ariba by:
    • Validating your vendor’s VAT treatment to increase VAT compliance in real time.
    • Increasing transparency within the procurement process during the requisition and invoice reconciliation stages.

    The webinar will be held in English.

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