Sponsor Information for SAPSA VårIMPULS 2019

När: tisdag, 14 maj 2019 | Var: Clarion Hotel Post, Drottningtorget 10, Göteborg

  • Information for Speakers at VårIMPULS 2019

    Sponsorinformation (svenska)

    Gold Sponsor:
    – Priority for speaking slot (has to be approved by the Speakers Council)
    – Showcase space 8 sq.m (electricity, 2 tables, and 2 chairs)
    – Your choice for the place of your showcase (first come first served)
    – 4 free participants (excluding speakers)
    – Half page ad in SAPSA’s magazine SAPSAnytt 2019 (will be published after VårIMPULS)
    – Company logo on the VårIMPULS website and marketing emails

    Bronze sponsor: 
    – Possibility to apply for a speaker slot (has to be approved by the Speakers Council)
    – Showcase space 4 sq.m (electricity, 1 table, and 1 chair)
    – 2 free participants (excluding speakers)
    – Company logo on the VårIMPULS website

    Additional showcase options
    TV-screen (3 000 kr)

    If you wish to offer food and drink in your showcase, please contact Clarion Post Hotel conference center directly. SAPSA’s contact is Carolina Möller,  tel: +46 31 61 90 21, mail: carolina.moller@choice.se

    Last day for adding showcase options is April 23rd.

    Mingle the evening before
    The evening before the event, May 13th, SAPSA will host a mingle at Clarion Post. All participants are welcome, please let us know when register for VårIMPULS.

    Speaking slot
    As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to apply for speaking slots at VårIMPULS. All topics have to be approved by the Speakers Council. The presentations are 20 minutes and must be based on knowledge/experience/customer case rather than a sales presentation. After the presentation, the presenter can stay in the room 10 minutes for questions. Presentations with a customer will attract more participants.

    Conference hours
    09:00 – 17:00

    Clarion Hotel Post, Göteborg

    Shipping details
    All material for your showcase should be sent to:
    Clarion Hotel Post
    Åkareplatsen 2-4
    411 03 Göteborg, Sweden

    The material should be sent between 08:00-16:00 Monday-Friday.

    All material sent to the conference should be marked as follows:
    – SAPSA VårIMPULS 14/5
    – Company name
    – Contact person + phone number

    All returning material should be marked as follows:
    – Returning address
    – Contact person + phone number
    – Name of the company hired to pick up the material

    Setting up your stand
    You can start moving in on Monday, May 13th from 18:00. The exhibition area opens at 07:00 the day after and stands should be assembled, ready and staffed by 08.30 on Tuesday, May 14th, when the registration for the participants opens.

    Hotel reservation
    Please make your hotel booking yourself. SAPSA has pre-ordered a number of rooms at Clarion Hotel Post for 1 400 kr inkl. VAT per person and night. Please contact the reservation: group.post@choice.se, phone number +46 31 61 90 00 and state booking code GR018769.

    Questions or want to discuss any opportunites
    Please send a mail to sapsa@sapsa.se or contact:
    Ammi Gammal, ammi.gammal@sapsa.se, +46 73 444 1750
    Åsa Jonsson, asa.jonsson@sapsa.se, +46 73 444 1728

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