Sponsor Information for IMPULS 2019

SAPSA IMPULS November 4-5 at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm.

The sponsorship registration and application for speaking slots is closed, if you are interested to be a part of SAPSA IMPULS 2019, please contact us at sapsa@sapsa.se

Information for Speakers at IMPULS 2019.

Welcome as exhibitor from Clarion Hotel Sign

Move in
Monday, November 4, 07:00 – 11: 00

Move out
Tuesday, November 5, 16:30 –

Goods address Lilla Bantorget 9, 111 23 Stockholm.

Mark all packages / deliveries with your company name and ”CONFERENCE / EVENT NAME”, date of the conference and
contact person at Clarion Hotel Sign. Clarion Sign keeps all deliveries up until the event, but
preferably that the deliveries do not arrive earlier than the day before the event. It is the
exhibitor who orders transport to and from the hotel, notices deliveries with address tags and
ensures that the goods are packed properly. In connection with moving in and out, it is
allowed to unload and unload at the loading dock.

Mingle Day 1

After the last session on day 1, November 4, there will be a mingle in the exhibition area followed by an evening event. As a sponsor, you are able to offer drinks and snacks in your showcase during the mingle. Please contact Clarion Hotel Sign to order refreshments: beatrice.soderholm@choice.se.


GOLD: 90 000 SEK (non-members 180 000 SEK)
– Priority to two speaking slots (has to be approved by the Speakers Council)
– Gold showcase space 8 sqm (2 tables, 2 chairs and electricity)
– 6 free participants (excluding speakers)
– Roll-up in keynote room (next to the stage)
– Company logo on the IMPULS emails and website

SILVER: 70 000 SEK (non-members 140 000 SEK)
– Priority to one speaking slot (has to be approved by the Speakers Council)
– Silver showcase space 5 sqm (1 table, 2 chairs and electricity)
– 4 free participants (excluding speakers)
– Company logo on the IMPULS website

BRONZE: 50 000 SEK (non-members 100 000 SEK)
– Possibility to apply for a speaking slot (has to be approved by the Speakers Council)
– Bronze showcase space 3 sqm (1 table,1 chair and electricity)
– 2 free participants (excluding speakers)
– Company logo on the IMPULS website

Additional showcase options
– TV Screen 55`= 6 000 SEK
TV Screen 42`= 5 000 SEK

Extra Participant = 5 000 SEK

If you want to add something more to your showcase, please contact Clarion Hotel Sign Conference directly: beatrice.soderholm@choice.se

Do you want to sponsor something extra at SAPSA IMPULS, like the evening event, a hands-on workshop or anything similar? Please contact SAPSA.

Utställarinformation (svenska)

Speaking slot
As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to apply for speaking slots at IMPULS. All topics have to be approved by the Speakers Council. The presentations are 20 minutes and must be based on knowledge/experience/customer case and not a sales presentation. Presentations with a customer are more likely to be approved and will attract more participants.