Value Support av SUGEN

SAP-kunder har tillgång ett stort urval av support, innehåll och verktyg när de har ett supportavtal med SAP. Tyvärr så är inte kunder alltid medvetna om detta och kan därför inte dra nytta av det. Denna slutsats kunde SAP och användarföreningar dra efter att de genomfört en undersökning om SAP Service & Support.

Som lösning på detta problem startade SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network) ”Value of Support Charter” i november förra året. Meningen med detta initiativ är att öka förståelsen och transparensen av olika supportelement och tjänster.

Än så länge har initiativet levererat:

  • Ett Support Scope-dokument som är lättillgängligt och enkelt att dela via Overview of Support Models. Dokumentet förklarar omfånget av de olika supportmodellerna
  • En serie webinar och täcker olika områden av support service och verktygen inom den specifika supportmodellen

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April 10 2018

Pathfinder: Build your Strategy and Deliver Value to Your Business Users by Fully Leveraging SAP Support

Are you fully leveraging your SAP ERP system to support, or even better, enable your overall company strategy? Are your business and IT teams collaborating on the right priorities to improve your business outcomes? Or, are operational issues in your current ERP system preventing IT from being a strategic partner to your business?

Join this session to learn more about the SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder for SAP ERP.

  • Discover how the Pathfinder report helps identify opportunities for your company’s core ERP system around SAP innovations (Enhancement Packages, Fiori Apps, Cloud Solutions, S/4HANA), business process, and IT performance improvements through industry insights and benchmarks.


  • Learn how to leverage tailor-made recommendations and actionable guidance from the Pathfinder report to continuously improve your company’s business processes and IT operations, and deliver innovations to your business users.


  • Find out how to order your free-of-charge report (through SAP maintenance), and realize the full potential of your SAP investment.


April/May 2018
Optimize Projects and Enhance Your Landscape with Continuous Quality ChecksIn today’s globally interconnected world, support should be something more than a help desk. With SAP Enterprise Support, you gain far more. You get a proactive support engagement that helps you implement, operate, and innovate better so that you can lead and succeed. We’ll help you implement better by leveraging Remote Support Services, included with Enterprise Support, which will help ensure successful go-lives and mitigate risk of implementations. We’ll help you operate better by leveraging Remote Support Services, included with Enterprise Support, to lower cost of operations by addressing areas such as Security Optimization, Data Volume Size and Growth, Custom Code, and more. We’ll help you innovate better through Remote Support Services, included with Enterprise Support, to allow you to quickly identify functionality and innovation that matters to your specific business and also minimize downtime and disruption during projects such as Enhancement Pack upgrades.

April/May 2018
Collaborate and Maximize Your Success with SAP Enterprise Support Value MapsWorking on a data volume archiving strategy and looking for expert guidance? Thinking about Mobility and don’t know what approach to take? Wanting to see what other customers are doing with SAP S/4HANA? These are just some of the questions we hear from customers, and now there is a place to get them answered. Introducing SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps. SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps help you to navigate intuitively through services, offerings, and tools available from SAP Enterprise Support. Learn more about this on-demand, 24/7 collaborative and social network platform that connects you directly with SAP experts, engineers, and peers. 

May/June 2018
A Smooth Journey to SAP S/4HANA with SAP Enterprise SupportWe will explain different implementation strategies for SAP S/4HANA, like e.g. new implementations or conversions of existing SAP ERP systems. SAP supports end-to-end during the SAP S/4HANA implementation lifecycle, focusing on the pro-active remote offering from of SAP Enterprise Support. Independent from the chosen implementation strategy, the involvement and collaboration between both IT departments and lines-of-businesses are important factors for a successful project. The SAP Enterprise Support offering can be leveraged via the Value Map for SAP S/4HANA & SAP HANA. 

May/June 2018
What Every Customer Should Know: Essential Tips on SAP Incident ProcessingDid you know there are ten Global Support Centers (GSC) providing 24/7 support for customers around the world? Learn information on the Incident Handling core processes that SAP support engineers follow from initial processing, troubleshooting, to solution. Learning about how the incident process benefits customers’ understanding, involvement, and solution on how SAP Support initially reviews new incidents, partners with the customer on troubleshooting and analyzing the SAP Support request, and provides a solution that benefits the customer and addresses any future concerns.The presentation will discuss the incident process flow, different communication types, expediting communication between everyone involved, how to use online sessions to expedite the process, solution management, and how to partner with SAP to make the most of your support interaction for a rapid solution. 

June 2018
SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Enter a New EraSAP has recently released a new version of SAP Solution Manager, which is available for you as part of your maintenance agreement. This session will highlight the innovations of the new release 7.2. You will learn about many benefits these functions will bring to you and your organization. And you will understand how SAP Solution Manager 7.2 guides you on your way to SAP S/4HANA and digital business. 

June 20 2018
SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Build your Business Case SAP Solution Manager 7.2 has a vast portfolio of capabilities that help IT operations and projects, as well as business operations. But it may be difficult to quantify benefits and efforts for an upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2, or the implementation of new functionality.
The SAP Solution Manager Value calculator helps customers build their business case and thus contributes to securing project budgets. 

July 2018
SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Personalized Access to the Support WorldToday’s users, especially if they work in a hybrid context, find their applications and information, which are required to perform service- and support-related tasks, in various places and various portals.It is SAP’s motivation to offer all users, independent of their solution, a harmonized, personalized, and easily accessible central entry point.This session will explain and demonstrate how this has been realized by the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and the new SAP Fiori-based Service and Support Applications. You will gain firsthand insight through demos of the new SAP ONE Support Launchpad; the new Search, which is closely integrated into the Applications; the Personalization approach; and concepts like Favorites, Feeds, and much more. 
September 2018
Increase Your IT and Business Users’ Skillset and Maturity at No Additional Cost: SAP Enterprise Support AcademyAre you aware that Enterprise Support offers multiple learning formats for your IT and business users at no additional cost? Introducing the SAP Enterprise Support Academy. This program helps you build up the knowledge and skills needed to fully maximize your investment with SAP. You have access to learning content and services in multiple formats, supporting different learning styles and needs, from ad hoc problem solving to structured, long-term knowledge acquisition.Join us to learn how to leverage and use these amazing educational opportunities within your business. 
September/October 2018

The CoE of the Future – Secure the Value of your SAP Investment

A Customer Center of Expertise (COE) is the single source of truth and hub for functional collaboration between business and IT. It helps to increase the transparency of business processes. It helps manage mission-critical operations and brings together all stakeholders to resolve challenges and issues. The Customer COE has four basic functions: Information Management, Support Operations, Contract and License Management, and Innovation and Influence.

In this session, you will learn how to become a certified Customer COE with SAP, why this is important for you, and what benefits you can expect to receive.


September / October 2018

Managing Long-Term Value Realization with SAP’s Control Center Approach

As innovation cycles get shorter, the ability to maintain a competitive edge depends more than ever on being able to quickly implement great ideas using the latest software innovations. This is why SAP developed the control center approach.
The control center approach helps customers to innovate better and to run their business more cost-efficiently. It is designed enable smooth implementations, operations, and increase satisfaction at all stages of your application lifecycle.